Natural skincare saved me.

It’s Thursday and I decided to share some of my skincare journey with you all.
I’m not where I want to be yet but I have made so much progress, and I’m so glad because I didn’t grow up having beautiful, flawless skin but I’m gradually making it happen everyday, now.
By being consistent and dedicated to my beauty routines.
This is my routine;
I take lots of water (3 liters per day). I never go a day without taking fruits (cucumber, citrus fruits, carrots, pineapples, watermelon etc).
I take omega 3 supplements.
I stay away from the sun and wear a sunscreen if I have to go out.
I bath twice daily.
I wear my face mask 4 times per week.
I tone (with the facial toner)
I moisturize daily with the glow oil.
I exfoliate 2-3 times weekly depending on my schedule.
I use the whitening or mega whitening set sometimes (I have extremely tough skin).
Another thing I’ll like to address is, no natural/organic product will turn you to Oyinbo in days, it’s a big FAT LIE, quote me anywhere! Yes, depending on your skin type, you might see some changes in 2-4wks but you can’t get real results within days! Skin lightening/whitening is tricky and requires the combination of highly effective natural ingredients for it to work and these ingredients aren’t cheap. Some people just pick up anything that will work fast, only for them to develop breakouts, hyper pigmentation, spots, patches then they have to spend so much money and time to treat them. Organic products work gradually and can take 1-2 months before you see real changes and with little or no side effects. One other thing you should know in skin whitening is the cheap stuff is hardly the good stuff and sometimes for the good stuff you might think it’s not working but it is, butbe patient and use the products religiously. The skin is the largest organ in the body and whatever you apply on it is absorbed into your body! Choose right and stop looking for temporary glow, but a healthier glow.
Thanks for reading!

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